Monday Motivation – Choices

Apr 25, 2022

Welcome to our new feature on the website.  Monday Motivation!!!

Each week I’ll post quotes, videos and pictures, which hopefully get you motivated to tackle your week.  Our first post has been one of my favorite videos since it was released and means a lot to me because one of my closes mentors, Sean Hogan had the pleasure to work alongside coach Jeff Blashill, while he was at Western Michigan.  This message was passed along to me from Sean on a daily basis and I’ll continue to pass it along to my players each year.

The facility we have the privilege of playing out of in Austin gives our players no excuse not to get better, but we stress to our players the importance of taking advantage of what they have at their disposal.  It’s a choice to come and make the most of each day, just like it’s a choice to waste the opportunity.  This is true in hockey and life.  Whatever situations we find ourselves in each day, we choose how to deal with those situations.  You make the most of it and continually make small improvements toward your goals or you choose to take the easy path and fall short.

I’ll leave you with a quote coach Sean Hogan had on his desk at Ohio University, “No One Cares. Work Harder.”

Have a great week!  #flybatsfly